Weather Man Speed

After discussions and my visit to old warden in May 2017 and many E mails with the Danes I have decided to have a go with my brother Micky in this class, following photos are from the Danes.

My first models. Started mid May 2017

My brothers three ETA 29 motors.

Dec 2017. Update.

ETA testing.

Test running Rossi 21.

Rossi 21 model.

ETA and ASP engines being replaced, details to follow on new engines and models Dec 17

Electric model to try this year 2018 to see what speed we can get.

December 2018. Update the following models were ready for the 2018 competition season to be flown at the three old warden events and the British Nats.  Unfortunately the events at old Warden could not be flown due to problems out of our hand and the Nats weather was very bad, we look forward to 2019 season.

Novarossi 60 model

Western 36 model

lossi 29 model

Ops model