December 2021 update.


My venture into contra-rotating motors in 2019 was very interesting showing their viability for control line models with the help of my colleague Mert Bollman in the U.S. at the time I was looking at the TU 95 as a suitable model to make at about 50 inch wing span, unfortunately lockdown curtailed further work on this project, during the summer I spoke to Mert and guess what turned up in the post 4 contra rotating motors, 8 props, 8 speed controllers with motor mounts well what can I say thank you very much, now I must make a start on this model. Details and photos follow.

Note test stand to test thrust of motors

Wing construction normal note nacelles are made from cardboard tube covered in 3 layers of thin fibre glass, template made from card for retract holes then cut out with circular cutter.

Fuselage construction and first fit of parts

Model nearly ready just the wiring to be done, will be test flown in primer paint first before scale detail added some  time next year April May.