Horten Go 229

December 29-2017. Looking for a new project for next year maybe.

Dec 30. Started to have a look on the internet, most plans are for 70/80 inch models to big will have to do it the hard way and draw my own.

Info so far.

Started to draw plan to get an idea of the size, this looks about 70 inch span to accommodate two 64 mm fans, will have to try and make model a bit smaller need to buy fans first.

More photos from my research.

Started work Feb 2018 model ready for testing March 2018 details to follow.

11 March 19. Started the Mk 2 after very poor results from this model. The new model will be built from polystyrene sheet and hot wire cut, photo shows first outer panel cut more details will follow very shortly.

Not much to show a panel is a panel.

17 March 2019. Wing panels cut patterns shown, will start assembly in the next few weeks.

19 March 2019. Outline work.

19 April 19. Wing nearly completed ready for covering centre section with Obechi veneer and then complete wing with brown paper.

Comparison between the two models, so much faster to build with foam.

June 19. Update done some more work on model, a different way of fitting fan units.

6 Aug 19 update. Weather no good for flying last 3 weeks got on with model now ready for first test flights, info to follow.

Again model only painted in primer at this stage, note plywood brackets to limit elevator movement.

December 19 tried to fly to much mud on flying site.

Look forward to 2020 for test flights.

Model weight 779gms.

March 2021. Still not flown due to lock down, hope to fly April /may.