Harrier jump jet

December 2021 update. HARRIER JUMP JET.

I have been looking at making this aircraft for a few years now, during lock down I decided to move this project forward doing research and looking at drawings of the jet assembly, I have now narrowed this design down to two options the first with four 50mm EDF  fans or using  a single 90mm fan rated at 2000 watts and running on a six cell Lipo, a mock-up of the jet assembly was made to prove the variability of the 90mm assembly this proved to work very well so work proceed on motor tests and the installation of the jet nozzles and control systems once this also worked I decided to move forward with the construction of the complete model photos show the various stages of construction and any details, the model is of balsa and lite ply construction and then covered in light weight glass fibre with resin.

mock-up of jet assembly 

First test running of motor with servo units in operation of jet nozzles 


With the complicated shape of the inlet I decided to try and mould this in place by inflating a ballon inside and then glass fibre on the outside the ballon was removed without any problems this worked very well but needs thicker ballon’s. 

Due to length of the fuselage this was made in three parts and then joined together 

As you see I have done a lot of work all the controls are fitted, the only major jobs left are the wiring and retracts planned flying date sometime May June 2022.