Electric speed model

.Whilst at the British Nats 2015 where I was also helping my other brother Micky fly his 1/2 A speed model, I was taken in by Dick McGladderys electric speed model which is a new FAI class unfortunately I did not see the model fly.

On my return home I decided to have a look around the net to see what I could find including the current FAI rules, I sent out a few e mails to see what replies I may get, if any?

Daniel Janan was the only response I received, he was very very helpful giving me details of his models, plans, what type of motor and props including speed controllers and Li pos. Photos below, Thanks again Daniel.


I have now been looking at what type of model to build as my first venture  into electric speed, I think we will start with a simple model such as the Pink Lady, construction will be balsa and ply all covered in glass cloth. I hope to build this over Christmas.

First mock- up Christmas Eve, now I must stop for a few days.


14/2/16 Update, resumed work today to finish this model photo below. Maximum weight allowed 600gms, electronics weigh 300gms so the model must be no greater than 280/290gms complete.

Component weights so far

14/2/16                                                   21/2/16

Crutch                  29 gms                    Top block                      10gms

Wing                      42 gms                     Pushrod Bellcrank 16gms

Tail                            18 gms                   Cowel                              12gms

Elevator                  7 gms                     U/C bits                          10gms

Bottom block       12 gms                  Fibre glass                     10gms

Total                          107/108 gms      Ti skid                              5gms

Total                                                                                                           170gms


21/2/16 update, model ready for painting total weight as seen 170gms, note extra cooling  holes at front and rear to help cool motor battery and speed controller.




Model painted 175gms plus 7gms for wheel. Total 182gms     Run out of blue paint ? Maybe it should be red.


I have not decided yet which type of U/C I will be using, dolly type or the old fashion plug-in type which drops out on take off,  l have fitted brass tubes already and will leave the decision until I try both systems first.

Weights of the electronics

Motor 102gms

Speed controller 41gms

Battery 147gms

Servo tester 9gms

Prop 6gms

Screws 1gm

Details of motor. Hobby King NTM 26-36 2700KV 595 watts      Esc 40 to 60 amp.                                                                                                  Prop 4.75 X 4.75 —-14.8V—-594watts 40A. 1.12Kg thrust.


We are now nearing completion on this project all that is left is the flying, assuming all goes well we now have learnt a lot about what you can do, size of model and weights. Therefore I look forward to maybe the next model which will have a inrunner motor and asymmetrical model.



Ready for first flights, will start with 3 cell followed by 4 cell. All up flying weight with 3 cell 452 gms.


Also had to build a speed handle.

The model was test flown at the speed meeting at Croydon on the 29 May, the model flew very well with no problems. The only  problem was I only had 5.5 X 5.5 props where I needed 4.75 X 4.75 ones plus I only had 3 cell Lipos. I have now obtained props and 4 cell Lipos for the next tests. I have also got some different motors to try plus I have also made a model box for the model.