Dec 2018. For a long time now I have been looking at building one of these plastic ARTF jets but they have always been too expensive just to carry tests. Hobby King reduced the price to just under half on the Black Friday sale. This made the kit affordable and I purchased. Below are three photos showing the kit looks quite good, will be assembled just after Christmas details to follow, I have a old 64mm fan I will use.

January 2019. Decided to make a start should not take longer than a day to complete, weight of all parts as follows, wing 154gms, tail fin 31 gms, cowel 45 gms, nose 7 gms, body 166 gms and EDF fan and wiring 276 gms, speed control and battery plus controls still need to be added. EDF fan is the original 64 mm unit I got for my very first Jet 163.

Model being assembled.

EDF fan ready for fixing

Model does not look to bad only controls to be added

10 January 2019. Model ready for test flying when weather permits update will follow. All up flying weight without battery 868 gms. CG not shown on instructions only comment if it does not take off nose heavy if it flys up and down tail heavy,  really helpful ? Anyway set CG at about 1/3 back from front wing.

March 2019 model test flown on a very sunny and nice day, model flew very well but took one and a half laps to get airborne, this was mainly due to the very small wheels getting suck in the football stud holes. Wheels replaced with two inch diameter ones and a new front leg, this was only a push fit into the fuselage and was therefore turning as the model ran around not a good idea for a control line model. CG seems correct, updates to follow. Photo shows new wheels and leg.

20 March 2019. Test flown today wheels OK. Model needs a bit more power just fitted uprated EDF fan same diameter but 1000 watts the spare motor for my 262. Will fly again next week and report. Photos of today.

27 March 19. Four flights now completed this month no problems flys very well with new EDF fan fitted takes off in about a third of a lap now excellent. Will take model to Old Warden Scale meeting and the British Championships for demonstration flights. Just to recap actions Wheels replaced with 2 inch diameter new legs fitted, fixing of front leg changed into ply block, canopy latch fitted the magnets would not always hold canopy in place plus 1000 watt EDF fan.

Last flights with 1000 watt motor, even flys well on high flying.