Arado 234

2009. Arado 234 wing span 40 inch fixed U/C. This was the second model we tested using two plastic Fans of 60 mm diameter, again this proved not very satisfactory as the model only just got airborne however it did fly very well. I have no plans as yet to fit metal fan units, this model could do with being slightly larger to facilitate the fitting of retracts, anyway a great model for the four engine variant which would look very nice in the air.

I have just purchased two Hobby King 50mm Fan units rated at 650 watts each whow? We will see. Thinking about these Fans they would drop into the Arado without much work, about 1/2 an hour each side, photo shows comparison of metal against plastic. Test flights were carried out in Nov 2015 with the expected results the model flys very well with good air speed.

Model weights, Allup flying with Lipo 1.66Kgs, without Lipo 1.38Kgs and model without fans and speed controllers 0.9 Kgs.