Dec 2018. B47 started this project in late August 2018, 60 inch wing span six EDF fans. Has been a lot more work than I considered, photos and updates will follow.

23 December 18 last update this year

Note lights on top of fin

You can see it’s Christmas time

13 February 2019. After a few weeks being lazy it’s back to work. Tail assembly ready for glueing paint and line work completed before assembly, it’s easier to work with note wing is detachable as per RC models.

19 April 19. Final fits and motor test running prior to test flights soon. Found one speed controller gone U/S only five motors running will have to purchase new one with some spares, it’s a big model rather a handfull to work on and move around the house.

1 May 19. First test flights model flys well but nose heavy, I knew this but I needed to check the model was OK before I proceeded to finish it, wheels need to be realigned also. All wheels replaced with lite weight foam ones and aligned, extra wieght added to rear of model, model ready for next tests but this will not be until last week in May as I am away now. Also new speed controller fitted.

More work on the model, still awaiting second flight, weather has been not very good rain and windy,  I can only fly my scale models on a Wednesday afternoons on a football pitch hope this week  July.

6 Aug 19 update. About 8 flights now been trying different size lipos from 3300 up to 4000,  3300 seems to be the best size as the larger ones are a lot heavier and make the model too nose heavy. Again weather not good for testing.

Gear up, on 60 foot lines will try 64 foot next time out.

December 19. Flown at Nats came third, more work to be done on model, fitting flaps, new retracts some small repairs plus re-paint ready for next year 2020, photos to follow when complete.

Wing tanks to be added I forgot them ?

Look forward to 2020.

2020 Feb. Short write-up on model new retracts and legs fitted, flaps added some repair work to body, repainted ready for weathering effects, ready for new test flights.

Nice photos.

March 2021. Lots more scale detail added, new retracts and flaps added, ready again for test flights May time.