Northrop YB 35

29 April 19. Seemed to be bitten by the flying wing bug ? 2020 project.

1 May 19. This will happen for next year, 60 odd inch wing span, four electric motors may try EDF ones as they are small in diameter.

4 May 19. Time waits for no one, more info. Looking for plastic kit these always give some idea of scale details anyone out there.


5 May 19. Just received copies of this original plan from Model Aviation, just what I need.

Next step make patterns for foam wings, I would think this would be about Aug/Sept time update to follow.

6 Aug 19 update. Preparatory work for next year.

Photos of Scale plastic model to help with details.

7 Aug 19 look what came today, very nice.

12 Aug 19. Look what’s turned up no stoping me now maybe, Nats next week then hols Florida.

17 Aug 19. Had a bit of spare time.

18 Aug 19. Motor mounts nearly completed, retract mounting boxes the same and capping strips added to Elevons and wings.

December 19 update, work continues nearly ready for test flights.

Model ready for primer paint.

2020 Feb 13. Model ready to test fly, motors work OK retracts also work, only one slight problem with retracts wheels to near CG, if you picked up nose slightly the tail of the model would go down meaning the props would hit the ground, retracts moved back 1/2 inch and problem solved.

29 March 20. Again ready to test fly when we can get out. Using spare time to paint and add Scale details.

March 2021 update. Test flown summer 2020 fairly good results then lockdown again finished paint work ready to continue test flying March / April.