Northrop YB 35

29 April 19. Seemed to be bitten by the flying wing bug ? 2020 project.


1 May 19. This will happen for next year, 60 odd inch wing span, four electric motors may try EDF ones as they are small in diameter.

4 May 19. Time waits for no one, more info. Looking for plastic kit these always give some idea of scale details anyone out there.


5 May 19. Just received copies of this original plan from Model Aviation, just what I need.

Next step make patterns for foam wings, I would think this would be about Aug/Sept time update to follow.

6 Aug 19 update. Preparatory work for next year.

Photos of Scale plastic model to help with details.

7 Aug 19 look what came today, very nice.

12 Aug 19. Look what’s turned up no stoping me now maybe, Nats next week then hols Florida.

17 Aug 19. Had a bit of spare time.

18 Aug 19. Motor mounts nearly completed, retract mounting boxes the same and capping strips added to Elevons and wings.