A plane to think about, two blade pusher.



More drawings 28 January 2019.

27 January 2019. Started cutting parts for wing.

Feb 2019 update on model nearly ready for test flying.

Note Reflex on tips

11 March 19. The wing is so good I am now cutting panels for the MK 2 Horten 229.

16 March 2019 model ready for testing, reports to follow.

Maiden flight 24 March 19. Disastrous results two flights crashed both times un-flyable model flew straight up spun over and came straight down bang broken wing. Took model home repaired wing and reset line guide, reduced movement on elevators to + and – 4mm, re-calculated CG position added a load of lead in nose.

Tested again at Basildon on the 27 March 19 flew like a beautiful plane, took off low speed and high speed flying good, high flying good what was the problem. Happy pilot. Note this was only a test model to prove concept.


Problem solved good model.