Interesting plane ? Does anyone have any scale drawings

29 April 19.  Had a response from my request for any information on this plane from someone who I believe lives in the US. He has about 25 odd articles and drawings on this plane and it’s history and will forward them to me when he has copied all. Great 2020 project.

Thanks to Mert I now have loads of info. Thanks again.

2 April 20. What can you do now ? Made a start on the construction still to decide what motor to use.

Normal construction all balsa just a bit fiddly to put together and line up.

5 April 20. Wing coming together nicely, a few more days work to finish wing fitting body next, looking at what to cover wing in plastic film looks good but I have never used it before, must seek help first.

7 April 20. Coming on.

12 April 20. Small parts covered in heavy weight tissue paper and glued down with ready made wallpaper paste seems to work OK, ready for dope.

Got a nice motor to try, Waypoint W – 3020 – 14 can turn a nice prop size 10 to 14 inches Dia about 40 odd amps so you need a 60 amp ESC.

June 2020. Model nearly ready for first tests.